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San Fransisco Couture Week

A tale of timeless glamour at the Handlery Hotel.

Last year, Sarah Sustainable Fashion, alongside pageant owner and model Julie Cattaneo walked in San Fransisco fashion week for native Bay Area designer Jesse Acquatico at the Handlery Hotel.

This year, Sarah will be vending and presenting her couture runway collection at a red carpet gala that will showcase local talent including gowns by Acquatico clothing company and several other high end designers. The event will celebrate the long lost art of fashion design against a mass market world that has no place in our future.

From New York to San Fransisco, it remains the mission of Sarah Sustainable Fashion to represent one of a kind, handmade eco-friendly fashion design.

Join Sarah Sustainable Fashion, Julie Cattaneo, Jesse Acquatico and Simona Max Charles Productions for our next red carpet gala, couture fashion show event at the Handlery Hotel in San Fransisco, Sunday, 2/18 at 5pm.

Tickets at: Eventbrite.


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