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Welcome to Sarah Sustainable Fashion, your one of a kind shop for handmade, alternative apparel, accessories and spooky style gifts for fall. For custom orders and any questions, send me a message for same day reply.

Free Shipping on orders $35+.

photo by: jerry garcia / model: bella colffer /hmua: messay wondi cosmo

Award winning fashion designer, Sarah Davis, presents a one of a kind, sustainable, alternative fashion collection that is handmade from luxury and high end remnant materials, salvaged from the fast fashion industry and diverting excess directly away from landfills.New components are locally sourced and used mindfully, with a "treasure, not trash" philosophy. Sarah Sustainable Fashion is no waste from start to finish, including 100% recycled shipping.

Sarah holds a BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a specialization in intimate apparel and several years of behind the scenes experience at high end fashion houses based in New York City. After witnessing the appalling waste propelled each season by mass production methods, Sarah has relocated to California where she combines her love for lingerie and attention to detail with a passion for sustainability and delivers extraordinary designs, pioneering for sexy style in the eco-friendly fashion space.

QUESTIONS?_____Send me a message for same day reply. 


FB GROUP: @sarah sustainable fashion group

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