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Fashion Modeling Outside the Box

From winning titles to breaking records.

Fashion Modeling Editorial Photoshoot Collaboration Sustainable Fashion Photography
Melissa Sachs for Sarah Sustainable Fashion from photoshoot with Jerry Garcia.

Melissa is a World Champion Horse Trainer, Exhibitor and Coach taking pride in training a horse that was inducted into the Hall of Fame as her passion through and through, alongside her modeling hobby she has held since the age of four.

Her experience spans the industry from advertisements, to participating in pageants like, Miss Teenage California and competitve body-building.

"That sounds funnny because I am so little. I competed in the lightweight division which is 110 pounds and under, and was undefeated against the heavyweight girls because of my cut and symmetry. Knowing I would never be big enough to compete outside of teen, I moved into Miss Fitness competitions and competed in Miss Fitness USA."

Fashion Modelling poses and sustainable fashion inspiration.
Melissa embodys an unstoppable spirit wearing jewelry and accessories by Sarah Sustainable Fashion

Melissa has won several NPC bikini competitions in her 30s & 40s with a plan to keep winning titles and breaking records. Check out her instagram, here.

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