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Editorial Fashion Collaboration, Behind the Commute Shoot

"Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought." - Albert Einstien

Red Lace Top Sheer Clothing One of  Kind Handmade Lingerie, Sustainable Fashion Shirt
Red Lace Top Sheer Clothing Sustainable Fashion Inspo

Olivia is wearing a one of a kind outfit from head to toe by Sarah Sustainable Fashion, in this recent collaboration with photographer, Dave Tong. His concept was to capture movement while featuring some new BART train stations, where we are local to.

Red Lace Top Sheer Clothing Sustainable Fashion Inspo
Red Lace Top Sheer Clothing Sustainable Fashion Inspo Photography by: Dave Tong. Model: Olivia

Olivia is an actress, executive producer and COO to her own art collective and marketing company, with a passion for uplifting emerging and underrepresented artists while embodying the human divine. Here is a sneak peek of our costume collaboration with Sarah Sustainable Fashion.

Black velvet choker necklace, sarah sustainable fashion collaboration
black velvet choker, costume jewelry collaboration
Black velvet choker necklace vintage costume jewelry style, sarah sustainable fashion collaboration
sarah sustainable fashion, custom designs

Interested in easy, sustainable fashion style isnpo for your next costume and special occasion photo-shoot ideass?

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