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Two-tone knit headband

Two-tone knit headband


This gorgeous, hand-knit ear warmer headband is one of a kind and handmade with all-over beading, featuring high quality, upcycled rhinestones and crystals that no one else will have. Trendy, two-tone, reversible design with button opening and elastic loop for easy styling. Perfect gift for besties and staying warm, fashionable and eco-friendly while dressing up any outfit. One size. Stretchy fit for women, up to 25" inches around. Hand-wash, air-dry and spot clean only. Sustainable shipping, plus gift-wrapping by request. Ready to ship.


- One of a kind ear warmers.
- Jewelled, hand-knit headband.
- Reversible, two-tone design.
- Blue and purple crimp yarn.
- Upcycled rhinestones and gems.
- Button style with elastic loop.
- Fits up to 25" inches around.
- Handmade in USA.
- High quality, upcycled.
- Hand-wash / Air-dry.
- Sustainable shipping.
- Ready to ship.


one of a kind.

no returns.


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