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Red floral corset

Red floral corset


Feel sexy and stylish when you wear this gorgeous, one of a kind red floral lace corset with sheer mesh panels and dainty rhinestones. Perfect for dressing up any runway outfit for cute, boudoir photoshoots, burlesque costume and bdsm cosplay attire. Under wire cups with flexible boning for comfort and style. Front busk opening and adjustable sheer red satin lacing at the back. Dry clean and spot clean only. Handmade from high quality upcycled fabrics and trims. Sustainable shipping included, plus gift-wrapping by request.




* Available for rent by subsription, here:

🖤Red floral lace corset.
🖤 Super soft, sheer mesh panels.
🖤 Dainty rhinestones design.
🖤 Red elastic with flexible boning.

🖤 Classical front busk opening.
🖤 Adjustable ribbon lacing at the back.
🖤 Fits women's size medium.
🖤 Dry clean and spot clean only.
🖤 Sustainable shipping.
🖤 Ready to ship.
Handmade, high quality, upcycled.
No waste from start to finish.
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