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How to dress up your sustainable fashion style.

"Remnant fabrics provide a one of a kind combination of sustainable fashion materials like velvet for the perfect balance between bold and beautiful."

The most sustainable approach to fashion is wearing anything that's already owned, but what if you want something new?

This two-tone velvet bra is handmade from 100% remnant materials, salvaged from the fast fashion industry, with a shiny gold at the front and black at the back, so you can easily dress up any outfit and keep all eyes on you. Left-over black elastics provide the perfect straps.

Fashion students buy new materials everyday in pursuit of learning the craft and many of these projects and fabrics are ultimately trashed. This, crushed velvet tie-dye skirt is a finished garment, created for an assignment at the Fashion Institute of Technology and is one of a kind, featuring a beautiful pink and purple pattern that is perfect for festivals and rave wear.

This stunning, blue velvet dress is one of a kind and handmade from discarded blue velvet fabric that became dead stock until its revival as an elegant flapper dress. The trims are repurposed from the fast fashion industry, along with the metallic fringe knit hem cut from remnant yardage.

Sustainable fashion can be both modern and mindful with these gorgeous transformations from fast fashion industry trash into one of a kind timeless treasures. Look out for more ways to dress up your sustainable fashion style, with new handmade tops, skirts, dresses and lingerie for every season.

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