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3 Knits You Need for a warm and stylish winter.

Cold weather is an opportunity to heat up your style.

This collection of gorgeous, handmade knits features one of a kind designs embellished with high quality, upcycled materials that no one else will have.

1. Reversible Ear Warmer Headbands.

These unique hand-knit ear-warmers are each one of a kind and handmade from vibrant winter yarns and upcycyled jewels and beading. The reversible button design provides easy styling for dressing up any winter outfit. Perfect handmade gift for besties. Get all four to mix and match.

2. Hand-beaded Sweater Vest.

A chunky knit sweater vest is the perfect way to stay cozy.

This oversized, grey and white sleeveless style is handmade from a vintage design, upcycled with pearl beads and fabric flowers and can be worn with a belt to change looks.

3. Black and White Pullover Sweater.

This oversized, vintage sweater design features a cream white and black, abstract pattern with black ribbing at the waist and sleeve cuffs. Upcycled with a dainty beaded design that is perfect for layering to style many ways.

Elevate your wardrobe with these one of a kind knits that will keep you warm while being trendy and sustainable. Order now and make sure to get the items you want for the holidays early.

Shop the collection here:


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